WER-K2513UV Grand Format Flatbed UV Printer

4ft x 8ft WER-K2513UV Glass Prints Flatbed UV Printer


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WER-K2513UV flatbed printer is a multi-functional machine. With the capability to print onto thick substrates, it offers the ability to produce a diverse range of prints for both indoor and outdoor use. It is ideally suited for applications such as backlit displays and signage, signs and posters, interior glass and ceramic decorative panels etc. Its 4’x 8’, landscape-oriented format is big enough to fit into most sign and graphic print shops. The UV-LED lamps offer reduced energy consumption and a longer lamp lifetime.

Buyer’s Country Name Telephone Product Type Transaction Date

Saudi Arabia Ib… 97…398 WER-E3055UV 07/25/2019
Nepal Kr… 98…007 WER-EW160 07/27/2019
Saudi Arabia Re… 97…472 WER-ED6090UV 07/29/2019
Angola Al… 24…729 WER-ED6090UV 07/30/2019
Uganda An… 25…239 WER-ES160 08/02/2019
Nigeria Ay… 80…543 WER-ET2513UV 08/04/2019
Spain Ru… +3… 91 WER-E3055UV 08/06/2019
United Kingdom Fa… 78…313 WER-ET6090UV 08/07/2019
Tuvalu Ta… 68…181 WER-ES160 08/09/2019
Colombia An… 57…920 WER-E3055UV 08/12/2019
Kenya Ed… 25…777 WER-E3055T 08/14/2019
United Kingdom Si… 33…219 WER-E3055UV 08/15/2019
Ethiopia Da… 25…090 WER-ES160 08/18/2019
South Africa Ju… 27…948 WER-ES160 08/19/2019
America Ch… 95…780 WER-E3055UV 08/21/2019
India So… 99…052 WER-E3055UV 08/23/2019
Belgien Ma… 32…172 WER-E3055UV 08/25/2019
Egypt Bi… 20…364 WER-E3055T 08/26/2019
Netherlands Ma… 25…067 WER-ES160 08/28/2019
Kenya Ma… 25…900 WER-E3055T 08/30/2019
Greece Le… 30…300 WER-E3055T 09/01/2019
Lithuania al… +3…294 WER-E3055UV 09/03/2019
Croatia Fi… 99…313 WER-E3055UV 09/06/2019
Mexican al… 15…583 WER-ED6090UV 09/08/2019
Thailand pa… +3…294 WER-ES160 09/10/2019
Turkey Ha… 90…012 WER-E3055UV 09/11/2019
Mexican al… 15…583 WER-E3055UV 09/12/2019
Colombia he… 32…591 WER-E3055T 09/14/2019
Japan Re… 25…413 WER-E3055UV 09/15/2019
Australia Ma… 40…493 WER-E3055UV 09/17/2019
Belgien se… 32…372 WER-ES160 09/19/2019
German He… + …655 WER-ED6090UV 09/20/2019
Australia Go… 47…629 WER-E6090T 09/22/2019
Kuwait Hu… 00…052 WER-E3055UV 09/23/2019
America ja… 22…320 WER-E3055UV 09/24/2019
Australia Me… 47…629 WER-E3055UV 09/26/2019
Kenya Ro… +2…991 WER-E3055T 09/28/2019
Netherlands Ro… 98…942 WER-E3055UV 09/29/2019
Kuwait Ca… 96…894 WER-E3055T 09/30/2019
Kenya jo… 70…720 WER-E3055T 10/08/2019
Mozambique Jo… 84…547 WER-E3055T 10/09/2019
Turkey Ka… 53…681 WER-E3055UV 10/10/2019
Spain lu… 25…778 WER-E3055T 10/12/2019
Israel Ma… 97…868 WER-ET1510UV 10/14/2019
United Kingdom Ja… 75…282 WER-ET1510UV 10/15/2019
Tanzania Eg… 65…038 WER-ES160 10/17/2019
Ghana Sh… 23…947 WER-E3055UV 10/18/2019
Kuwait Pr… 96…083 WER-EW160 10/21/2019
Namibia Ra… +2…107 WER-ED6090UV 10/22/2019
United Kingdom ET… 78…292 WER-E3055UV 10/22/2019
Uganda Yu… 25…614 WER-E3055UV 10/23/2019

Specifications Of WER-K2513UV Grand Format Flatbed UV Printer

Printer Model WER-K2513UV
Print technology Intelligent variable ink drops technology, grey scale
Printhead Number Konica 1024I 5 pieces
Printing Speed Fast Mode 62 sqm/h
Production Mode 48 sqm/h
Quality Mode 32 sqm/h
Ink Supply System Ink Model UV curing inks
Ink Color C M Y K LC LM W V
Ink Capacity 1L(2.5L Ink tank)
System Design Vacuum Table hard oxydic vacuum suction platform
Max.Media Size 2.55*1.35*0.065m
Max.Print Size 2.51*1.26m
Data Port 3.0 USB
Input Format Adobe Postscript Level3, PDF,JPEG,TIFF,EPS,AI
RIP Maintop/Photoprint/ONYX Thrive V11.1/Caldera 10
Power Supply two phase electric, 220V AC,50/60Hz, 20V
Power 6.5KW
Air Pressure Max.Air Pressure:120psi/723kpa
Peak Flow:100psi/960kpa Pressure time flow 340L/M
Continuous flow:100psi/960kpa Pressure time flow28L/M
Environment Temp 18℃-30℃
Relative Humidity 30%-70% (some media request lower relative humidity scope, details according to requirements of relative materials)
Packing & Delivery:
Elevation Limit 2.00m
Printer Dimension 4.48*2.20m
Table Height 0.93m
Weight 1950kg
Media Types Glass, acrylic, wood sheet, ceramic, metal sheet, PVC board, corrugated plate, plastic etc.Almost everything with flat surface
*Print time does not include data transfer, equipment preheating, material loading and cleaning time.
*Print speed is got under the company’s standard test environment, according to the customer’s print environment, material types and display direction, etc.different conditions, the results will be different.

Environmentally friendly LED-UV curing unit

The LED-UV curing unit has an exceptionally long life with lower power consumption. With its low heat output, it can be used with print media susceptible to problems with thermal deformation or discoloration. Producing very low VOCs and very little odor, it is both environmentally friendly and user-friendly, working well in indoor applications such as restaurants. It also produces no potentially destructive ozone during the printing process, which dramatically lessens any potential load on the environment.


Two-layer print function

Two-layer printing of separate white and full color layers can be done simultaneously. A coating of white ink can be applied evenly at high accuracy to really bring rich and vibrant colors to life on transparent print media.


Direct-to-media printing onto thick media

Images can be printed out not only onto regular paper media, but also directly onto thick media. The unit prints on media up to 100 mm thick to support expansion into a wide variety of print business applications.

No. Item Unit Discription Warranty Function Price
1 Printhead PCs Konica 1024I No Physical resolution control
2 ink damper pcs No Ink filter $3.29
3 Ink tube m No Ink transfer
4 Decoder Chip pcs No Ink color control chip $3.99
5 Wiper pcs No Scrape the waste ink $3.29
6 Ink cap top pcs No Printhead moisturizing $12.99
7 Syringe pcs No Absorb ink when the ink tube is empty
8 Power cable pcs Yes Power supply
9 Printhead data cable pcs No Printhead data transfer $2.49
10 Short motor belt pcs No Physical resolution control
11 Raster strip PCs No Printing calibration calculation $9.99
12 Drag chain PCs Yes Printheadhead position transfer
13 USB cable m Yes Computer connection with printer
14 White ink cycle pump PCs No Front & back position control
15 Front & back sensor PCs No Physical resolution control
16 Printhead PCs No Store ink
17 mainboard PCs Yes Printer data control $349.99
18 I/O board PCs Yes Input & output board $159.99
19 Y motor PCs Yes Y drive control
20 Z motor PCs Yes Z drive control
21 X motor PCs Yes X drive control
22 LED UV Lamp PCs No UV Drying system
23 Water cooling box PCs No Water cooling system


Price description
For the above items, there are some consumable parts (like printheads) and some Non vulnerable parts, so WER company just offered some of the prices as reference. If you need the exact price, please feel free to contact our sales staff.


No. Discription Quantity
1 3*2mm Black ink tube 2 m Free
2 Black ink damper 2 pcs Free
3 Funnel 5 pcs Free
4 Ink cartridge chip 1 pc Free
5 Syringe 10ML 6 pcs Free
6 Syringe 50ML 3pcs Free
7 Decoder 1 pc Free
8 Software and Dongle 1 set Free
9 Cotton swab stick 6 pcs Free
10 Power cable 1 pc Free


If you have bought our WER printers, in order to avoid the printhead and the mainboard damage because of some wrong operation, you should install the printhead correctly in operation and maintenance according to the following way. And refer to the instructions, or under the guidance of the professional engineers operation.


Problem Symptoms Resolutions
Static electricity is too high, which will burn out the printer head. A:The Operator need to mak electrostatic? eliminating treatment and wear the Anti-static devices if possible to prevent the high static load form burning the circuit board inside of the printer head.
B: During installation, try not to touch the surface of print head directly.
Printer head will be burned out if the USB line linked the printer head incorrectly Please contact professional technician if you cannot install USB line of the printer head by following the original way of machine or operating instructions.
You should check if the outside voltage is stable and the input voltage is matched with the machine You should check if the outside voltage is stable and the input voltage is matched with the machine.
You have to take of the printer head and clean it carefully. You have to take of the printer head and clean it carefully.
There is no response after starting up. Check power plug fuse

RIP Software

Our RIP software can be used for EPSON and many other kinds of brand printer for white ink printing
RIP software latest Version Maintop 6.0
1.CMYK+WWWW printing 2. color enhance printing 3. better printing quality 4. easy operating and fast delivery

Guides videos

About guide video: If you meet any question on installing or printing after you bought this machine, please contact our sales to send you the guide video.

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ALL WER printers come with a standard one-year warranty, with the option for a 2 or 3-year warranty extension contingent on registering your device within 60 days of purchase. By then WER or WER’s agent will send a document to you, everything will take effect after signature, thank you!

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