Word of Mouth Marketing

Differences Between Traditional Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing Differences Between Traditional Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing
Word of mouth marketing Word of mouth marketing

Word of Mouth Marketing refers to enterprises through providing products and services to the satisfaction of consumers, which causes consumer exchanges and communication among relatives, co-workers and friends. Word of Mouth Marketing will eventually spread product information and enhance brand effect. Word of Mouth Marketing is characterized by high success rate and strong reliability.

How to let customers pay you for?

This is what a lot of enterprises are concerned about. Buying or not is decided by the customer; We pay great attention to Word of Mouth Marketing. We hope you can have a closer understanding of our company through sharing some truly existed customer cases with you.

We will try to do every detail to give you our attentive and meticulous service

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Let us work together, hand in hand, to create a better future and achieve a win-win cooperation.

  • Mexican customer-Mr. Manuel Mexican customer-Mr. Manuel
  • Sri Lanka Customer Mr.Rohan Sri Lanka Customer Mr.Rohan
  • Mr. Serafín Capcha Ospina from Peru Mr. Serafín Capcha Ospina from Peru
  • Domestic customer-Nikhil Domestic customer-Nikhil
Mexican customer-Mr. Manuel

Mexican customer-Mr. Manuel, who set up cooperation with WER in 2006, Our cooperation has 10 years.First of all, he only distributed the printer with XAAR 128 printhead, but at present, he distributes all kinds of WER printers, expecially Polaris 512 printhead large format printer and uv printers, cooperation between us has been progressing smoothly for trust and products quality.WER honestly hopes Mr.Manuel business will be better and better,as long as he need our support, we will try our best, this is our cooperation basic and also resposibility.Thank you very much!

Sri Lanka Customer Mr.Rohan

UV printing technology is a growing trend in the printing industry,UV printers offer print service providers a high level of flexibility and diversity , allowing shops the chance to step up their profits. Not only does UV printing can bring new markets, but it also can enable them to broaden their offerings to current customers.

One of our Sri Lanka Customer Mr.Rohan bought our A2 desktop uv printer (WER-D4880uv ) on June 2015, He mainly dealt in Laser engraving business before .He want to extend his market , so he bought our UV printer. This makes his old customer for acrylic engraving business also gives order to him for acrylic uv printing ,which both of them benefit from uv acrylic printing ..

Besides print acrylic for his old customers ,Mr.Rohon also use our printer print pen , phone case ,name card ,pvc foam board etc .He bought our 3D printer on 2016 and print the letters for his advertising business,This makes his business more competitive due to the diversify of uv printing and 3D printer.

So If you want to start printing business , UV printer is your first choice .If you want to extend your printing business , uv printer and 3D printer is your best Choice .

Mr. Serafín Capcha Ospina from Peru Mr. Serafín Capcha Ospina from Peru

Nowadays, UV printer is becoming popular in the South America market. One of our good customer, Mr. Serafín Capcha Ospina from Peru, the owner of a printing company in the local market, he bought our A2 size high configuration UV flatbed printer WER-EH4880UV, and attended the Grafinca Lima 2015. With the exhibition, he got very good feedback from their customers and more and more printers have been sold to their market.

Domestic customer-Nikhil

Domestic customer-Nikhil's family has been engaging in printing service back to a decade ago. Now he's about to graduate from college, and decides to start a career in this industry.

It's really a great honor to be chosen as his exclusive printer supplier after he visited us and had rounds of pleasant discussion.

Helping customers grow is always worthwhile. We'll try our best to assist Nikhil to make a prosperous printing business out of our printer and service. Join us, let's print a bright future together!