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Everything WER sell is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee, from product quality to parts ordered in error, one year warranty on printers, your standard printer warranty won’t be invalidated, free returns on the parts guaranteed



WER provides pre-sales & after-sales service (including livechat, phone calling, Wechat, WhatsApp and skype etc) on all our printers anytime. If necessary, we can also arrange engineer(s) to give you free training at your side.



WER certifications are granted by the SGS and ISO authorities in the digital printing field, for example, CE certification and ISO9001 certification, which show WER products are very recognized and welcomed by the current market.


R&D Capability

WER is committed to innovation within the digital printing industry and we invest heavily in our research & development facilities in China, by focusing on the R&D capabilities which build the basis for core competition-high quality!

Section | UV Printers

LED uv printers use a light-emitting diode in the print head carriage, thus names LED. The ink dot is left sitting on surface of the medias, since uv inks dry quickly when exposed to uv light, which gives way to printing on virtually almost anything, coated or uncoated, from plastics and glass to wood and metal. Even better, uv printing emits less volatile organic compounds and produces no smell.

After 12 years’ of experience and exploring in printing industry,WER uv printers mainly used for the following medias as well: rigid pvc board, plastic, organic board, leather, rubber, special paper, glass, wood, bamboo, porcelain, textile, abs, acrylic, crystal, aluminum, ceramic tile, marble, granite, paperboard etc.

Signs and logos: the perfect effect comes out from WER uv printers, make our life more convenient. No matter it is regular shape or irregular shape, whether it is wood, glass, tile, acrylic or metal materials, WER uv printers can print what you want in high-quality and vivid color.

Section | Eco Solvent Printers

Eco solvent printers is mainly for printing indoor and outdoor advertising materials like flex banners, banner cloth, vinyl, stickers, backlit film, opaque vinyl, canvas, pp, photopaper, inkjet paper etc, in high resolution with environmentally friendly. When you’re looking to print and produce high-quality images, there’s a never-ending number of options. Which printer to be uses, what type of ink cartridge and ink to be purchased and what material to print upon? A further decision you’ll need to contemplate is whether you want your printing to be eco solvent. WER eco plotter printer will help you.

WER eco solvent printers can not only print on pvc flex banner, banner cloth, vinyl sticker, tarpaulin thus common outdoor medias, they can also print on canvas art, pear banner, beach banner, roll up banner, advertising tents, wall paper and wall sticker, photo paper, feather flag, teardrop flag, Tension fabric, etc.

Eco solvent printers are very welcome for high resolution and competitive price, along with countries pay more attention to environmental protection, eco solvent will be first choice for advertising display.

Section | DTG TShirt Printers

Digital t shirt & garment dtg printers create direct to garment custom t shirt prints (includes other textile custom prints), which means just what it sounds like a dtg printer operates as a specialized inkjet printer, designed to apply an image to a t shirt, just like your home printer applies one to a piece of paper.

The biggest advantages to using digital t shirt & garment dtg printers to create your custom t shirts are:
Easy Operation – You do need to know a bit about graphics, so you can create a great image, but preparing and printing a t shirt are simple.

Variable Output –You can print one, two or twenty t shirts of one design, put a different name on each, resize the graphics, mean all with no more set up time or cost.

Fast Turnaround Time – This makes your customers HAPPY! If you’re starting with a good graphic, you can go from image to finish a shirt in under 5 minutes.






Pre-stretched Canvas




Ceramic Bricks Stone


Prototype packaging

Corrugated paper carton

Perfume bottles

Perfume bottles


99-IPad case

Ipad cases


133-Embossed printing

Cell phone cases


Raised UV printing

Raised UV printing



Stainless steel cup


107-Ultra board

Foam board


98-Guitar pickguards

Guitar pickguards





Roll Up Banner

PP synthetic paper


Photo paper

Photographic paper

17-Vinyl poster



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