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Eco solvent ink series NEW!!!

WER introduced the advanced inkjet ink technologies from Taiwan by the end of 2007, and set up an ink factory in Shanghai to produce Eco solvent ink, which is professionally designed for Piezoelectric outdoor inkjet printer, Like Mimaki JV3 160S/JV3 160SP and Mimaki JV5, Roland SOLJET PRO II SC-540EX, SOLJET PROV series, SOLJET PRO II SJ-740/640/540 EX, SOLJET PRO II SJ 740, Roland RS640, SOLJET PRO II SC-540, SOLJET PRO SC540, Versa CAMM SP-300, Versa CAMM SP 300V/540V and Mutoh RockHopper II, Falcon II/Plus and Mutoh VJ E Series;Excellent quality, low price; Less investment, more profit to compare with the same type of Eco solvent ink

Buyer’s Country Name Telephone Product Type Transaction Date

Uganda Patrick Ka*** 002***1573 WER-ES160 07/02/2019
Australia Malcolm Mc*** 006***6 293 WER-ET6090UV 07/04/2019
Ecuador g&h imp*** 593***3379 WER-ES3202I 07/05/2019
Peru Cesar Ch*** 005***8 727 WER-ET6090UV 07/08/2019
Italy Dom*** Raco 39-***8518 WER-ED6090T 07/09/2019
Netherlands Hielko Bo*** 31 7***8810 WER-E3055UV 07/10/2019
Greece Tasos 302***4291 WER-E3055UV 07/11/2019
South Africa Migr*** 002***0693 WER-EW1802 07/12/2019
Ecuador Clinic*** 005***5691 WER-ES1802 07/15/2019
Kyrgyzstan Sergy 996***7607 WER-E3055T 07/17/2019
Mexico Juan U*** 181***4006 WER-ES160 07/18/2019
Argentina Daikcom S*** 005***4444 WER-ES1802 07/19/2019
Ghana Ato Fer*** 0023***3577 WER-K3208I 07/22/2019
Qatar Mr.Kiran 009***4147 WER-ED6090UV 07/23/2019

Eco Solvent ink (ECO Series)
Model Suitable Printer Color Characteristics
WER-EC01 Piezoelectric Epson
DX3/DX4 head printer
CMYK LC LM A micro-solvent based, ultraviolet light-resistant
pigment ink that can be used on
ECO-solvent printer such as Mimaki
JV3 160S/JV3 160SP、Roland SOLJET PRO II SC-540EX,
SOLJET PROV Series; Mutoh RockHopper II,
Falcon II/Plus Etc. Wide color gamut,
vivid color, high climate-resistant
WER-EC02 Piezoelectric Epson
DX5/DX7 head printer
CMYK LC LM A micro-solvent based, ultraviolet light-resistant pigment ink that
can be used on ECO-solvent printer such as Mimaki JV5、Roland Eco series, Mutoh VJ E Series Etc.
Made of the environmental protection raw materials, low odor,
improve the print environment.
WER-211E Eco Solvent \ With effective and reactive particle, protect the
printhead and clean the tube, Eco solvent.


RIP Software

Our RIP software can be used for EPSON and many other kinds of brand printer for white ink printing
RIP software latest Version Maintop 6.0
1.CMYK+WWWW printing 2. color enhance printing 3. better printing quality 4. easy operating and fast delivery

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