Anti-static precautions for piezoelectric ECO solvent printers in winter

As a large-width color inkjet printing device, piezoelectric photo machine must pay attention to anti-static operation in daily printing output work, providing better printing environment for Eco solvent printer.

Static electricity will interfere the normal use of the photographic machine, presumably, this is very clear to everyone, especially in the cold and low-temperature dry winter, the generation of static electricity is very common, at the same time, the machine in the normal inkjet printing work, anti-static work cannot be ignored.

Winter cold and dry at low temperature environment, pictorial machine running at high speed under the condition of easy to produce large amounts of static electricity, because the car frame and guide the friction, combined with related paper medium material in a dry environment also prone to static electricity, especially in the use of plastic base material, such as the medium such as PP, lamination, also can produce a large number of static electricity. Especially when the machine is running at high speed, the generation of static electricity will be promoted. For example, static electricity can interfere with the sprinkler head, resulting in the color chaos of the pictorial machine printing screen, unknown failures such as flying ink, spinning ink and other inkjet printing, which will directly damage the sprinkler head or even the board card, so the work of eliminating static electricity must be done well.

Eliminate static electricity and the anti-static operation of photo machine, can be for the photo machine grounding, photo machine connected to the ground line, for example, Shanghai weir complete series of photo machine is installed grounding line connecting line, can extend the grounding line for the operation. For example, the place of the grounding line on the equipment should be the place of the machine body metal closest to the main board, not too far, or some other special circumstances. Besides, during the connection process, it is better to keep the line within 3-5 meters. Otherwise, it will have a great impact on our actual use. When connected to the underground, it is better to control the depth at 1.5-2m, and some salt water can be sprayed around it.

In addition, photo machine anti-static operation can also adjust the humidity of the working environment of photo machine to avoid indoor environment too dry methods such as processing. There are also some static effects that can be avoided in the process of operation, such as touching the related electronic components with hands, etc. Please pay attention to these, and do not ignore the impact of static electricity on the machine.

Great Value printer – WER-ES1901I

Owner: Mr. Imran Bakhrani
Country: Kenya
Year Established: 2018

I highly recommend this printer if you are in the market for a large format printer.

I am Imran from Kenya. I am a paper crafter and I needed a printer that would print on 36-inch card stock. This did the trick and I love the way it prints almost any size paper you may have. This wide format printer is a great value and a quality product.

We print quite a few blueprints, so it is nice to be able to print them in a 36inch format without spending a fortune on a plotter. 36inch blueprints are usually large enough to view the dimensions without having to use my “cheater” eyeglasses, and this printer covers 99% of our needs. (On larger ones, I just have the local printing business “plot” them for me). As with all of their printers, WER makes a reasonably-priced printer, add my 100% rating on “value for the money.”

There are some my art for your reference. This printer is a great value. Excellent printer for the cost. Easy setup and very good software. Did the job I got it for.

WER-E1800UV, my favorite small printer

This is Jeffrey Chew from Malaysia, I have a printing house in Kuala Lumpur here. We have cooperated with Shanghai WER-CHINA industry CO., LTD since the year of 2016, now we have 4 sets of machines from them: two sets of EP6090UV printers, one set of laser engraving machine and this small UV printer E1800 model.

Some time ago, we needed a small size printer to print small items, so we get the E1800 printer which was recommended by my friend sales. As we know, it is the new developed A3 size flatbed printer of WER company. The price is cheap but print quality is even better than my old printers. Now we use it to print lighters, phone cases, CD, etc, it works hard every day, but never complain, I like it very much. Good things are worth to be shared, if you need a small UV printer, this is the right choice for you!

Customer from India: Ankur Gupta

I am Ankur Gupta from India, and I am looking for a small UV printer to start my business. And this is my first time to purchase a machine from China, so I am very carefully, hoping to find a reliable supplier.

Then I have found Shanghai WER-CHINA Industry Co., LTD through Alibaba, and I like their shop style very much. It is very clear to know what they are selling and what is their advantages. Also, I like their printer very much. So I wish I can visit the company and check the machine directly. Their salesman Dana and her manager Louise were very warmly to welcome me and my partner.

Their company have been located on an industrial park in Shanghai and the warehouse is very large and there are many machines waiting to ship out, and of course, I have seen the small A3 UV printer E2000UV that I am interested to buy, it is desktop style and seems very small. And then, their technical have shown me how to operate this machine and show me the effect of this printer directly. I am very satisfied with the effect and we are talking about the price, it is quite good.

So after I discuss with my partner, we decide to order this small A3 size UV E2000UV printer.

UV flat printers‘ Advantages

Uv flat printers have the following advantages:
1. Personalized customization: the printing of patterns such as people’s photos and portraits is not restricted;
2. 3d relief effect: the printed patterns present 3d effect visually, with uneven hands and added value;
3. Simple operation: computer control equipment and software are set up, followed by automatic printing, saving labor;
4. The principle of piezoelectric inkjet, which does not contact with the material, can be widely printed with a variety of materials.
5. It is applicable to any material with a wide range of compatible surfaces.
6. No platemaking, fast printing, and low cost, various output software can be used to support various file formats.
7. It is equipped with professional color management software, which can change color anytime and anywhere without extra cost.
8. One-step completion, namely printing, and extraction, to meet the requirement of quick sample delivery.
9. The unit price shall be printed on a large number of forms, saving time and effort.
10. Full-color image, once completed, progressive color completely achieves the photo quality effect, accurate positioning and zero reject rate.
7. It only takes 30 minutes to master and make high-quality products without professional skills.
8. Computer operation, no personnel dependence, large room for upgrading.
9. A quick strike and dry without manual drying.
10. Color printing relief effect.

Ideal advertisement printing machine WER-ES3202

Work video:

Produce high quality for indoors and out at production speeds ideal for handling urgent jobs. Eliminate dry time—and provide same-day delivery. Keep your running costs low and boost your capacity.

Ideal for: Print service providers who need higher capacity and want to deliver high-quality, durable outdoor and indoor applications with fast turnarounds.

Media Sizes: 10 feet width rolls with full support.

Intuitive Control Panel: Simplified color management, directly from the front panel, touchscreen.

Why Buy: Exceed client expectations with production speeds ideal for handling urgent jobs. And high-quality, durable prints provide a scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks.

Eco Friendly: use Eco solvent ink, environmentally friendly.

Product Support: 1-year limited hardware warranty. Free WER online training resources.

For more details, please contact us by [email protected] or call 008615021963625.

How does a UV printer print out the varnish effect?

The UV printer has been able to print the glossy effect of the varnish, especially the 3D embossed pattern made with the UV printer, and then print a layer of varnish with the printer, the effect is the best. How does a UV printer print out the varnish effect? Is it necessary to add a device to the machine? Don’t worry, after reading this article, you will know the truth about printing varnish.

Printing principle of UV printer:
The UV printer uses a piezoelectric method to print ink onto a material through a precision nozzle to form a pattern, and the pattern is set to be imported into the printing software. The computer starts printing and the data is transferred to the printer to complete the work. There are a variety of print options available in the print software that can be adjusted to print only one color (red, yellow, blue, black, white) or just color. The most commonly used 3D embossing effect of UV printers is to print white + black to draw the embossed spot color area and then print a white + color.
The principle of the UV printer printing varnish effect is the same. Add a separate print head for printing varnish on the printer. The printing software has the function of printing varnish. The varnish function can be activated to complete the varnish effect. Among them, varnish can realize partial printing and global printing. It can print varnish or white + color + varnish synchronous printing. Generally, it is white + color + varnish synchronous printing function, so that UV printer can be completed again. The product is made, and the bright surface processing of the product is mostly used to print the varnish function separately, and the varnish is finished once.

There are three common processes for UV varnish:
1. Manual varnish, using a spray gun to manually spray oil onto the material, requires uniform spraying of technology.
2.UV printer varnish, suitable for local or small surface varnish. If the large format will affect the working efficiency of the UV printer, the thickness of the glazing oil is not so good.
3. Varnishing varnish, suitable for any material, varnish effect is adjustable, high efficiency. If it is within the budget, it is recommended to buy one more varnish machine, especially in the home improvement background wall industry. The multi-production efficiency requirements are higher and more applicable. The billboard industry and other small handicraft processing industries generally use UV printers directly on the varnish.

WER UV Printers can also be applied in many aspects. If you want to know more, please access to
Email: [email protected] Cell/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-137 95270823

Address: Unit B-3, No.206, Peikun Road Minhang District, Shanghai 201111, P. R. China

My customer Manfred Arias, from Chile

Today I want to talk about one of my customer whose name is Manfred Arias, from Chile. He found our printer on Alibaba, and when I sent our 1.6m Eco solvent print ES160’s video to him, he said that he has seen that machine before, his friend Henry from Iquique buy it from our company, did you know Henri? It is surprised for me that he knows our printer:

And then, of course, it was very smoothly for us to talk more about our eco-solvent printer. Even he wanted UV roll to roll printer, I suggested our eco-solvent printer changing to UV printer to meet his needs. And we talked much, and finally, he said that he will ask his friend Henri for more suggestions as Henri had bought 2 printers from our company.

We are still keeping in touch now via email, even he doesn’t give me order now, but I am sure that we will cooperate very soon as he totally trust us and our product.

Large format printer and printing materials, deliver to Mexico

Mr. Juan Flores, the owner of an advertising printing company, is from the South America Mexico.
We have worked since the year of 2009, a long-term business partner, meanwhile, we are old friends with each other. It is always a pleasant co-operation with our each other.

This time Mr. Flores ordered a 3.2m(10feet) large format printer and 1.6m(5feet) indoor printer, banners, pieces of vinyl and one-way visions. We have loaded all the items in one 40 feet container, takes about 30 days, the goods will arrive at the destination.

Please note WER can provide various sizes printing machines, printing materials, and inks. if you have any needs, welcome to contact us!


Owner: Sara Ferrer
Country: Uruguay
Year Established: 2018

We are very fortunate to work with Mrs. Sara from Uruguay. Very happy received her inquiry on the MIC website March 2018.

Mrs. Sara has an advertising company, she looked for 1.8m Eco-solvent printers. So we recommend our 1.9m eco-solvent printer WER-ES1901I to her. We provided the parameters of the machine and printed the video to her, she was very satisfied after seeing it. And she thinks our price is very competitive.

Eco-solvent printer (1.6m, 1.9m and 3.2m width)from WER large format printers are ranked as the most stable Eco-solvent printers in China for six straight years.

WER Eco-solvent printers installed Epson DX5 or DX7 or XP600 print heads. But I recommend customers to use DX7 because DX5 is more expensive than DX7. And they have the same advantages.

All WER Eco-solvent printers use unique design which will make the printer excellently stable. This is a picture and video from Mrs. Sara.

WER Eco-solvent printe

Video link:

Mrs. Sara is very satisfied with our service, and hopefully, she will get another one soon for more business. Many thanks to Mrs. Sara for her support. We hope that we can also have the opportunity to work with more customers, we will do well.

For more information, please visit the website( for WER large format printers.