My customer Manfred Arias, from Chile

Today I want to talk about one of my customer whose name is Manfred Arias, from Chile. He found our printer on Alibaba, and when I sent our 1.6m Eco solvent print ES160’s video to him, he said that he has seen that machine before, his friend Henry from Iquique buy it from our company, did you know Henri? It is surprised for me that he knows our printer:

And then, of course, it was very smoothly for us to talk more about our eco-solvent printer. Even he wanted UV roll to roll printer, I suggested our eco-solvent printer changing to UV printer to meet his needs. And we talked much, and finally, he said that he will ask his friend Henri for more suggestions as Henri had bought 2 printers from our company.

We are still keeping in touch now via email, even he doesn’t give me order now, but I am sure that we will cooperate very soon as he totally trust us and our product.

Large format printer and printing materials, deliver to Mexico

Mr. Juan Flores, the owner of an advertising printing company, is from the South America Mexico.
We have worked since the year of 2009, a long-term business partner, meanwhile, we are old friends with each other. It is always a pleasant co-operation with our each other.

This time Mr. Flores ordered a 3.2m(10feet) large format printer and 1.6m(5feet) indoor printer, banners, pieces of vinyl and one-way visions. We have loaded all the items in one 40 feet container, takes about 30 days, the goods will arrive at the destination.

Please note WER can provide various sizes printing machines, printing materials, and inks. if you have any needs, welcome to contact us!


Owner: Sara Ferrer
Country: Uruguay
Year Established: 2018

We are very fortunate to work with Mrs. Sara from Uruguay. Very happy received her inquiry on the MIC website March 2018.

Mrs. Sara has an advertising company, she looked for 1.8m Eco-solvent printers. So we recommend our 1.9m eco-solvent printer WER-ES1901I to her. We provided the parameters of the machine and printed the video to her, she was very satisfied after seeing it. And she thinks our price is very competitive.

Eco-solvent printer (1.6m, 1.9m and 3.2m width)from WER large format printers are ranked as the most stable Eco-solvent printers in China for six straight years.

WER Eco-solvent printers installed Epson DX5 or DX7 or XP600 print heads. But I recommend customers to use DX7 because DX5 is more expensive than DX7. And they have the same advantages.

All WER Eco-solvent printers use unique design which will make the printer excellently stable. This is a picture and video from Mrs. Sara.

WER Eco-solvent printe

Video link:

Mrs. Sara is very satisfied with our service, and hopefully, she will get another one soon for more business. Many thanks to Mrs. Sara for her support. We hope that we can also have the opportunity to work with more customers, we will do well.

For more information, please visit the website( for WER large format printers.

3 Differences Between UV and Screen Printing

As a new star in the printing market, UV printing is increasingly outstanding. On the other side,  traditional printing methods, for example, screen printing is always an important part of the printing industry. At least for now, it’s still necessary. So, what’s the difference between UV printing and screen printing technology? There are 3 main aspects.

Traditional screen printing needs film plate-making, print cost is more expensive. It needs volume production to reduce cost. There’s no way for printing short amount or single products. And the dots of screen printing can’t be eliminated.
UV print no need such complicated plate-making process, only need simple picture processing, calculate all data then print directly with software. It could not only print one piece of material but also make mass production. With overall printing, the cost is only $1-2 sqm/h, which can extremely save time and cost.

2.Printing process
Screen printing is more complicated. Based on original design, it needs to choose plate-making and working process according to different media.
However, the process of digital UV printing is easier than screen printing. It only needs to put media on machine platform, fix position, choose the image and edit it in software, then you can start printing. The most important is that the printing process of different materials is the same, except for primer treatment for some special materials.

3. Printing effect
The color fastness by screen printing is not good. It is easy to be scratched off, also none water-proof, and need to air dry for some time.
UV printing has more colors. It has unique matching color management which allows you to print vivid color without making color modulation yourself. Besides, the finished products are water-proof, anti-scratch, wear resistance (the degree is determined by the quality of UV printing ink used). Moreover, the material is not restricted if the print size and unevenness is under allowable range.

We are a professional UV printing equipment manufacturer with over 10 years experience. More about digital UV printing technology or equipment, welcome to visit our homepage:

Versatile, Stable, Durable, Problem-Solving UV Printer

Work video:

A flatbed UV LED printer can be used for a wide variety of applications – and both the WER-ED6090UV and WER-E1800UV are flatbed UV LED printers.

But they’re not just flatbed printer or small format UV printer models. They are problem solvers.

Companies, manufacturers, government agencies and small businesses send us their requirements and challenges. They have unique printing and marking needs. And the combination of the versatility of WER UV printers and the knowledge and experience of our staff often put those challenges in the rearview mirror.

You can read more about the WER-ED6090UV printer and WER-E1800UV on the site. 6090 model is middle size, versatile, very hot sale. 1800 model is small size model, if you need a small printer, it is perfect. You also can watch our demonstration videos here or fill out the contact us form – but let us help you solve problems faster by calling or chatting with us now.

Is the photo printed on clothing good for thermal transfer or digital direct print?

The digital direct print is like a printer printing documents, and thermal transfer is like a fake tattoo sold on the street.

One, concept: There are two types of printing, one is sublimation transfer, another is thermal solid transfer way!
Sublimation refers to the process of printing the pattern on the printing paper to the medium (also known as heat transfer printing) after the printing paper is printed on offset or intaglio printing ink with thermal lift dispersing.
Thermosetting transfer way (often said pyrograph) refers to the use thermosetting ink through again with silk screen printing and offset printing design into the film, printing film on the heat transfer patterns to t-shirts, school bags, and clothing products.
Such as two kinds of printing way have obvious differences in application, sublimation transfer printing method is mainly used in chemical fiber cloth, textile fiber and coated with thermal transfer coating on the hard material of thermosetting transfer methods mainly used in pure cotton products or dyed fabrics.
The difference between the two printing patterns in texture is that the thermal sublimation pattern does not change the original texture of the material, which has a good feel and appearance. The hot solid pattern (permanent painting) forms a layer of glue on the surface of the attached object after transfer.

Two, the two printing methods have their own characteristics and advantages in production:
The digital thermal transfer is a new technology based on the traditional sublimation thermal transfer, which combines digital printing technology to print an image without block printing. It is characterized by the use of digital printing technology to print color patterns and images do not need platemaking, saving the platemaking process and cost, so it is suitable for the production of personalized products. Digital thermal transfer technology features digital printing equipment using special thermal transfer color printing ink and thermal transfer printing paper.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages:
First, feel digital straight printing good, heat transfer printing flowers to people feel on a word “hard”. Of course heat transfer printing with a good quality paper feel slightly better, but still digital printing good.
Second, color heat transfer printing color is absolutely more vivid than digital printing. Digital printing can be large, gray and light. The solution is to use color ink combined with processing fluid to make the pigment more colorful. But the heat transfer is more vivid. At first, the problem depends on the material of the receptor. For heat transfer printing, for pure cotton products are adhesive permeability is poor, non-pure cotton does not have such problems. Digital printing works better than cotton. Non – cotton effect slightly poor, both advantages and disadvantages!

Which is the best UV printer in China?

Actually, if you want to get the UV Printer, why not try WER UV printer, which is the best and leading UV printer manufacturer in China.
With this wonderful UV printer, you can print many beautiful things, such as phone cases, glass, acrylic, gift packaging, ceramic tile, wooden board, digital products, metal, leather, advertising, artware, and so on.
Following are some application of the WER UV printers:

Phone case application

Phone case application

Glass application

Glass application

Advertising Application

Advertising Application

Circuit board printing

Circuit board printing

Circuit board printing

Flooring printing

Flooring printing

Cosmetic printing

Cosmetic printing

Lighting printing

Lighting printing

Except these, WER UV Printers can also be applied in many aspects. If you want to know more, please access to
Email: [email protected] Cell/Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086-137 95270823

Address: Unit B-3, No.206, Peikun Road Minhang District, Shanghai 201111, P. R. China

UV printer ink the cause and the solution

In the US the UV printer, the most headache problem is the print pattern is a misting problem, my professional personnel all know, universal printing products are high precision products if at the time of print misting problems can cause printing products not ideal, affecting printing effect. The biggest headache for us in this situation is that while bringing losses to ourselves, it often leads to customers’ trust in us. Therefore, the urgent need to solve the UV printer’s flying ink problem is imperative. WER has sorted out five common causes and corresponding solutions for UV universal flat-panel printers flying ink.

Reason 1: the distance between the UV printer’s sprinkler head and the substrate is too high and the reasonable height is generally below 15cm. The spray force of different sprinkler heads is between 1mm-10mm from the substrate. If the sprinkler head beyond the scope of its own spray will cause the phenomenon of flying ink.Solution: reduce the distance between the sprinkler head and substrate.

Reason 2: UV printer equipment spray head break solution: print test bar, check the status of the sprinkler head, such as the detection of blockage, voids, etc., need to clean the channel of the sprinkler head, so that it remains unobstructed.

Reason 3: the voltage of the UV printer sprinkler head is too high. If this is the case, the voltage of the nozzle needs to be reduced. Solution: if the circuit board is modified, the circuit can be changed.

Reason 4: printer electronic control system electronic control system control sprinkler ignition pulse spacing is unreasonable.Solution: technical personnel is needed to solve the problem.

Reason 5: when the static electricity environment is dry and the humidity is low during the printing process, it is easy to generate static electricity, resulting in the electrostatic influence between the sprinkler head and the material.Solution: add ground wire and static electric rod.

Along with the technological innovation and progress of the whole industry, the application of UV printers is more and more extensive, which is also recognized by more enterprises. For example, the ink-flying problem of UV printers in the printing process will cause great disturbance to the production efficiency. Once this problem occurs, the ink-flying problem of UV printers should be solved in time to bring higher efficiency to the production of enterprises and create value far beyond the equipment itself.

WER Printer WER-E2000UV

I am Wieslaw Janusz from Poland. Several months ago, we planned to buy a small UV printer, we issued an RFQ on Alibaba Website, many offers we received after that, the machine from Shanghai WER-CHINA industry CO., LTD is attractive and we got contacted with Louise. Now I have received the machine for two months, it is a successful transaction. Very good quality UV printer. I will buy the next one only with you. Very good contact. Thank you, Louise !!! and I have already recommended it to a friend!

Great Printer WER-ED6090UV

Owner: Aref AG
From: Oman

Very happy with this purchase.

I’ve bought the A3 UV printer from another supplier in China last year. I don’t like to mention their name, just because I was very very disappointed. Bad quality and bad service…

I bought this NEW A1 UV printer from WER at Alibaba online. I did a lot of research on printers. It turned out to be the best. And had the best price. And I have the best after-sales support. Plus warranty is great. Easy set up with DVD. Prints everything it says it does. The colors are perfect. I made a great choice. And will stand behind it. It’s WER-ED6090UV WER PRINTER.

Here are some paintings I made. Hope you will like.