2.2m7.2ft WER-D220T Double-side Directjet Textile Printer
2.2m7.2ft WER-D220T Double-side Directjet Textile Printer

2.2m/7.2ft WER-D220T Double-side Directjet Textile Printer


Innovation to make you more profitable

Shanghai WER large format roll to roll direct to textile printers have played an instrumental role in leading the analog to digital revolution. From the instruction of first small size Desktop and Flatbed T-shirt printer to the latest large format roll to roll textile printers, WER printers continue to expand the possibilities of digital print. Today, our integrated system will help your business reach new levels of competitiveness, profitability and growth.

Buyer’s Country Name Telephone Product Type Transaction Date

USAGi… 56…775 WER-E6090T 10/27/2021
MexicoMr… 81…600 WER-K3204I 11/5/2021
Hong KongTo… 85…365 WER-E4880UV 11/8/2021
MalaysiaMr… 03…118 WER-E4880UV 11/10/2021
SenegalMr… =2…1-1 WER-ES160 11/11/2021
GhanaMi… 20…594 WER-ES1801 11/12/2021
ZimbabwePa… 61…759 WER-ES3204 11/15/2021
AustraliaPe… 7 …652 WER-E3055UV 11/17/2021
MexicoSI… 52…838 WER-ES160 11/18/2021
KenyaBe… 74…713 WER-ES1801 11/19/2021
IndiaSa… 84…232 WER-E3055UV 11/22/2021
RussiaIg… 29…710 WER-E3030UV 11/23/2021
CameroonKe… 67…666 WER-750T 11/24/2021
ZimbabweKu… 77…423 WER-ES1801 11/26/2021
GermanyHi… 49…909 WER-E4880UV 11/26/2021
ColombiaJo… 32…000 WER-ET1510UV 11/29/2021
BulgariaMr… 35…900 WER-E3055UV 12/1/2021
USADA… =3…014 WER-ES160 12/3/2021
IsraelJa… +9…415 WER-E4880UV 12/6/2021
Lithuaniavi… ‘+…461 WER-ET6090UV 12/6/2021
BulgariaAn… +3…732 WER-ED6090UV 12/8/2021
UKRa… 44…789 WER-ED6090UV 12/10/2021
FranceMi… 33…832 WER-E3055UV 12/13/2021
New ZealandJa… 89…942 WER-ET6090UV 12/14/2021
IsraelSh… +9…008 WER-E3030UV 12/15/2021
ItalySK… 00…347 WER-E4880UV 12/17/2021
BangladeshMo… 88…820 WER-ED6090UV 12/19/2021
AustraliaBr… +6…988 WER-E4880UV 12/21/2021
GhanaFr… 23…469 WER-E4880UV 12/23/2021
USAJo… =1…477 WER-E4880UV 12/24/2021


2.2m/7.2ft WER-D220T Double-side Directjet Textile Printer

Model WER-D220T
Printhead Epson I3200A1 (4/8pcs Optional)
Print speed Sketch Mode 6Pass 55 ㎡/h
Production Mode 4 Pass 85 ㎡/h
High Resolution Mode 2Pass 170 ㎡/h
Ink Type Special: Active ink, Acidic ink, Disperse direct printing ink
Color M / Y / C / K / LM / LC (O, B optional)
Media Max Diameter 400mm
Printing Width 2200mm
Printing Thickness = 3mm
RIP Software Maintop/PrintFactory/neoStampa
Data Transfer TCP/IP network interface /USB
Operation System Wmdows7/10 64 bits (Flagship/Professional Version)
Computer Configuration Hard disk: SATA500/Hard disk format: NTFS/CPU: Inter i5/RAM: 8G-16G
Drying System Synchronous drying before and after pnnting, the temperature can be adjusted according to different fabrics.
Ink Purge Control System Automatic printhead cleaning, ink scraping and moistunzing system by patent
Media Type Textile fabrics of animal and plant proteins. Chemical fiber. Banner cloth, light box cloth etc
Maximum Power 10KW (Including heating system power 8KW)
Operation Environment Humidity: 40%-70% Temperature: 20-30°C
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50HZ
N.W 1600kg
Machine Size L*W*H: 4000*1400*1950mm
Package Size L*W*H: 4200*1600*2150mm


Multi-functional printing

  • 1. Heavy duty roller driving structure, film and durable body, operating with high resolution, and long service life.
  • 2. Adopts double epson print head, print maximum width up to 1800mm, print speed 35 square meters per hour
  • 3. 4colors (C,M,Y,K) printing with 1440dpi reach perfect printing.
  • 4. The output image is non-fading, water proof and scratch proof.
  • 5. Acceptable Material: Leather, Wallpaper, Self-adhesive paper, PVC, Mesh fabric, flex banner, Vinyl, coated paper, non-woven paper, pp paper, high glossy photo paper, backlit film, etc.


Direct sublimation printing system

With our professional direct sublimation printing ink, customers do not need to print product with old-fashioned heat transfer sublimation technology. Which takes too much time and printing cost in the past, all you need is to enjoy the faster speed of our direct printing technology.


Highest stability & precision


Automatic heating system built-inside

One key heating system can speed up your printing process, and save labor cost at the same time.


No. Item Unit Discription Warranty Function Price
1 Printhead Pcs Vulnerable parts Physical resolution control
2 Ink damper Pcs Vulnerable parts Ink filter
3 Ink tube m Ink transfer
4 Wiper Pcs Vulnerable parts Scrape the waste ink
5 Ink cap top Pcs Vulnerable parts Printhead moisturizing
6 Syringe Pcs Absorb ink when the ink tube is empty
7 Power cable Pcs Power supply
8 Printhead data cable Pcs Vulnerable parts Printhead data transfer
9 Short motor belt Pcs Motor drive
10 Raster strip Pcs Vulnerable parts Printing calibration calculation
11 Drag chain Pcs Printheadhead position transfer
12 USB cable m Computer connection with printer
13 Sensor reader Pcs Sensor control
14 Ink cartridge Pcs Store ink
15 Mainboard Pcs Printer data control
16 Head Board Pcs Input & output board
17 Y motor Pcs Y drive control
18 220 Power supply Pcs Power supply
19 X motor Pcs X drive control


Price description
For the above items, there are some consumable parts(like printheads)and some Non vulnerable parts, so WER company just offered some of the prices as reference. If you need the exact price, please feel free to contact our sales staff.


No. Discription Unit Quantity
1 Ink Tank 500ml 4
2 Ink damper Standard 2
3 Syringe Standard 4
4 Copper Cap small 4
5 Copper Cap big 4
6 Quick Connector 4mm 10sets
7 Power cable 3
8 Driver software 1
9 Screws 3X8/4X8 20
10 Ink tube 3.8 2m
11 Ink tube 2.8 2m
12 Ink cap top 2
13 Ink pump 2
14 Printhead data cable 2
15 Raster strip 1
16 Swab rod 3
17 Y shape three direct links 1 package



1.Do not insert the printhead cable in a wrong position, in case of nozzle burn out.

2.In case of a sudden carriage crash, you should avoid nothing to stop the printhead carriage.

3.Be careful when you refill the inks, you should use a funnel to add in case that ink falls on the ground.

4.Printhead cleaning solution should be used when cleaning, in case of the printhead clogging.

5.Before operating the machine, you should read the instruction first, in order to avoid improper operation.


RIP Software

Our RIP software can be used for EPSON and many other kinds of brand printer for white ink printing
RIP software latest Version Maintop 6.0
1.CMYK+WWWW printing 2. color enhance printing 3. better printing quality 4. easy operating and fast delivery

Guides videos

About guide video: If you meet any question on installing or printing after you bought this machine, please contact our sales to send you the guide video.


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