Mercury Lamp / LED UV Curable Ink

LED-UV ink

1) Suitable for DX5/6/7 printhead

2) High accuracy, great density and very wide color gamut

3) Dry fast

4) Corrosion-resistant, Environmental friendly, without toxic material

5) Little heat, good for printing the transparent films

6) Long time standby

7) Great ductility, buckling acceptable

8) Good adhesion, resistant to boiling, resistance to alcohol

9) Highly chemical stability, shelf life of one year

Buyer’s Country Name Telephone Product Type Transaction Date

Tanzania Hance L*** 255***5453 WER-ES1902I 01/18/2019
Sierra Leone Gashu Tem*** 620***2130 WER-ES1601 01/21/2019
Austria Holipe 436***9100 WER-E3055UV 01/23/2019
Bosnia and Herzegovina Charbel 00387 ***4 302 WER-ED6090UV 01/25/2019
Papua New Guinea Neville M***n 675***8300 WER-E3055T 01/28/2019
Zambia Mr. JOHN NKH*** 0026 *** 3222 WER-E3055UV 02/15/2019
Bolivia Corel Grafica 0059 *** 4636 WER-ES1601 02/19/2019
Greece George 0030 *** 2145 WER-ET6090UV 02/21/2019
Iran Ali Sia*** 0098 *** 1463 WER-E3055UV 02/25/2019
New Zealand Mr. Jonathan 00 64 *** 781 WER-ET1510UV 02/27/2019



1)This product should be stored in black, airtight container, avoid direct sunlight, keep away from heat.

2)Need to keep out of the light in the whole printing process, the pipeline and ink sac of the printer should use black light proof material.

3)Avoid contact skin when the ink is not curing, if accidently touch, wipe immediately with tissue, and then  wash with  soap, go to the hospital timely if skin sensitivity occurs.

4)Use HUACAI UV cleaning solution to clean the pipeline, printhead before use this ink, to avoid any damage to the nozzle please do not use other band of cleaning products.

5)Please shake it before use the white UV ink.6)Keep the surface of the media clean and dry before printing.


RIP Software

Our RIP software can be used for EPSON and many other kinds of brand printer for white ink printing
RIP software latest Version Maintop 6.0
1.CMYK+WWWW printing 2. color enhance printing 3. better printing quality 4. easy operating and fast delivery

Guides videos

About guide video: If you meet any question on installing or printing after you bought this machine, please contact our sales to send you the guide video.


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