A2 WER-E4880T Customized Shirts DTG Printer


Fast speed, vivid color, capable to print on any background garment as black or white

It was made from original engine, 8 color model, so can print on dark garment with CMYK+WWWW to get a good white ink density.

Fast printing speed by print on A4 size shirt printing machine with full color only need 64 seconds 2880dpi max. printing resolution can let you print on any textiles with best result and vivid color.

Buyer’s Country Name Telephone Product Type Transaction Date

Uganda Patrick Ka*** 002***1573 WER-ES160 07/02/2019
Australia Malcolm Mc*** 006***6 293 WER-ET6090UV 07/04/2019
Ecuador g&h imp*** 593***3379 WER-ES3202I 07/05/2019
Peru Cesar Ch*** 005***8 727 WER-ET6090UV 07/08/2019
Italy Dom*** Raco 39-***8518 WER-ED6090T 07/09/2019
Netherlands Hielko Bo*** 31 7***8810 WER-E3055UV 07/10/2019
Greece Tasos 302***4291 WER-E3055UV 07/11/2019
South Africa Migr*** 002***0693 WER-EW1802 07/12/2019
Ecuador Clinic*** 005***5691 WER-ES1802 07/15/2019
Kyrgyzstan Sergy 996***7607 WER-E3055T 07/17/2019
Mexico Juan U*** 181***4006 WER-ES160 07/18/2019
Argentina Daikcom S*** 005***4444 WER-ES1802 07/19/2019
Ghana Ato Fer*** 0023***3577 WER-K3208I 07/22/2019
Qatar Mr.Kiran 009***4147 WER-ED6090UV 07/23/2019

A2 Size DTG Tshirt Printer

Model WER-ED4060T
Print Technology Drop-On-Demand piezoelectric technology
Head Type Epson TX800 (DX7 is optional)
Head Quantity Two TX800 print heads
Nozzles 180 nozzles*6 lines per head
Print size 40cm*60cm (15.7”*23.6”)
Height of Print Head 1.2mm / 2.8mm above media, adjustable
Ink Supply Method Independent continuous ink supply system
Ink Cartridge Ink Type Textile pigment ink or sublimation ink
Volume 220cc / 440cc ±5cc
Color 2*CMYK or CMYK + W
Media platform Glass or vacuum suction(suction motor is optional)
Media Sensor Two sides, front edge & rear edge
Print Speed Production mode 90 sec for A4 (360*1440dpi, 4pass)
Standard mode 180 sec for A4 (720*1080dpi, 6pass)
Ultra quality mode 360 sec for A4 (720*1440dpi, 8pass)
Acceptable Media Width 420mm~650mm
Print Interface USB2.0 or HI USB
RIP Software Maintop for Window xp or Window 7. 8.10
Movement mode Front and rear for platform, up and down for height
Usable Media T shirt, polo shirt, cotton bag, cotton pillow cover and sweatshirt etc.
Printing jig Glass or Aluminum
Power supply 50Hz/60Hz, 220V(±10%)>1.7A
Operation Environment Temperature: 20℃~32℃; Humidity: 35%~80%
Package Dimension 1000mm*800mm*1150mm
Gross Weight 155kgs


  1. Original Epson print headfor A2 dtg tshirt printer, CMYK+W & 2*CMYK
  2. Adopt the ball screw for A2 dtg tshirt printer platform movement, max 18cm for print height
  3. 3. Providing of the imported textile ink, you can print anything on cotton fabric, superior quality.
  4. 4. Adopt the advanced variable ink drop technology, min size 3.5pl and max size 27pl, speed 30% faster

Easy Installation with WER-ED4060T shirt Printer

More than an image output, it’s your time to stand on your stage. WER-ED4060T shirt printer is designed to ensure quality results even at higher speeds:

  • Original Epson printing system, which is equipped with original EPSON Piezo inkjet F186000 Printhead with 180 nozzles per channel.
  • Rigid industrial design ensures quality output with physical resolution 1440*2880dpi.
  • 8 colors with best color performance, light and dark garment direct printing
  • Adopt the advanced variable ink drop technology, min size 3.5pl and max size 27pl, speed 30% faster.


Quite affordable cost

Traditionally people use sublimation printing to custom print t shirts. With this way, shortcomings are very obvious: only white shirts can be printed and hard hand feel. Now with ED4060T, these problems can be very easily solved. It is able to custom print any color t shirts with simple operation. And it has a very competitive price, everyone can afford it.


Stable performance

From years of printing experience, this printer has very stable print performance, get good feedbacks from customers all over the world.


Rich, Vibrant, Durable Color effect

New, specially formulated, water based t shirt ink produces amazingly brilliant colors. The inks also provide excellent washing durability and a wide spectrum of color. Not enough? Configurable to dual-CMYK or CMYKWWWW for finer details, smoother gradations and more neutral grays (made possible with Black ink).


Highest stability & precision


Power Up More of Your Time

Because the WER-ED4060T doesn’t need constant attention, you can concentrate on other important tasks. Here are just a few features that get you through longest print runs:

  • Automatic detection for printer errors
  • Adjustable media height for accurate centering
  • Rigid industrial design eliminates vibration for quality printing even at high speed
  • Fully adjustable print heads support various media thicknesses less than 15mm


Watch Those Printheads Last Longer

The WER-ED4060T original-part patent-printhead cleaning system is designed to significantly reduce buildup around the edges of the print head, decreasing wear and tear and prolonging its lifespan

No. Item Unit Discription Warranty Function Price
1 Printhead pcs Eject ink
2 Ink damper pcs Control ink
3 Ink tube pcs Ink transfer
4 Ink wiper pcs Clean head surface
5 Ink cartridge pcs Store ink
6 Ink cap top m Ink tranfer
7 Ink pump pcs Ink absorb
8 Main board pcs Control machine
9 Transfer board pcs Control flatbed $2.49
10 Power supply board pcs Physical resolution control
11 Printhead data cables set Data tranfer
12 Raster strip pcs CR raster sensor’s scale
13 Drag chain pcs Load ink pipe&date cables
14 Carrige motor pcs Control carrige moving
15 Paper feed motor pcs Material feed
16 Waste ink tank pcs Store waste ink
17 Control panel pcs Printer status showing
18 Carrige timing belt pcs Power transfer
19 Carrige raster sensor pcs Detect carrige postion
20 Photoelectric switch pcs PF motor control
21 Syringe pcs absorb ink & cleaning printhead


Price description
For the above items, there are some consumable parts (like printheads) and some Non vulnerable parts, so WER company just offered some of the prices as reference. If you need the exact price, please feel free to contact our sales staff.


No. Discription Type Unit
1 CD pcs 1
2 Power supply cable pcs 1
3 USB data cable pcs 1
4 Syringe 10ML pcs 2
5 Syringe 50ML pcs 2
6 Silica gel tube m 0.2
7 Photoelectric sensor pcs 1
8 Lubricant for slipper bottle 1
9 fuse(0.5A) pcs 2
10 fuse(2A) pcs 2
11 encoder sensor pcs 1
12 ink damper pcs 2
13 cotton swab stick pcs 3



1. Remove the wooden package-case carefully

2. Remove the packing film carefully

3. Remove the sticky tape to release the belt of Print-head carriage, and check other parts.

4. Ensure the input voltage is 220V 50HZ, Connect printer power cable, then turn on machine follow the instruction in the CD

5. Don’t hesitate to contact the sale rep or engineer if you have any questions


Problem Symptoms Resolutions
Static electricity is too high, which will burn out the printer head. A:The Operator need to mak electrostatic eliminating treatment and wear the Anti-static devices if possible to prevent the high static load form burning the circuit board inside of the printer head.
B: During installation, try not to touch the surface of print head directly.
Printer head will be burned out if the USB line linked the printer head incorrectly Please contact professional technician if you cannot install USB line of the printer head by following the original way of machine or operating instructions.
You should check if the outside voltage is stable and the input voltage is matched with the machine You should check if the outside voltage is stable and the input voltage is matched with the machine.
You have to take of the printer head and clean it carefully. You have to take of the printer head and clean it carefully.
There is no response after starting up. Check power plug fuse

RIP Software

Our RIP software can be used for EPSON and many other kinds of brand printer for white ink printing
RIP software latest Version Maintop 6.0
1.CMYK+WWWW printing 2. color enhance printing 3. better printing quality 4. easy operating and fast delivery

Guides videos

About guide video: If you meet any question on installing or printing after you bought this machine, please contact our sales to send you the guide video.

User manual

DTG T-shirt Printer WER-D4880T user manual and maintenance


Driver download

SP4880_4880C_win7,8 x32,x64_665_Asia_CS


Warranty Information

ALL WER printers come with a standard one-year warranty, with the option for a 2 or 3-year warranty extension contingent on registering your device within 60 days of purchase. By then WER or WER’s agent will send a document to you, everything will take effect after signature, thank you!

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