UV printer daily maintenance 1

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1, UV flatbed printers ink pause
Individual nozzle failure phenomenon: occur in the printing process out of ink
Analysis: nozzle smudgy cause jams, nozzle working voltage settings, stranded, ink, ink damper, negative pressure regulating improper
Solution: squeeze ink, pressure cleaning fluid flush nozzle, adjust the printhead working voltage, soaking and ultrasonic cleaning nozzle, replacement of high quality ink, adjust the appropriate negative pressure value

2, UV flatbed printers printing effect poor
Fault phenomenon: fuzzy picture, color cover is not right
Analysis: the carriage height, nozzle distance and material too large´╝îinkjet placement do not affect inkjet placement accuracy, precision, strong airflow material ink absorption ability is poor, and there is no calibration nozzle
Solution: adjust the carriage height, fan or air conditioning can’t work , avoid workplace strong airflow, and changing the materials and realign the nozzle

3, UV flatbed printers carriage boot reset does not rebound
Fault phenomenon: after turning clicking the reset button, the carriage just to the right on, there is no reset, spray and no flash, not for other operation
Analysis: the hall switch failure, the floors of small fault, SCSI line failure, PCI card failure, servo board failure
Solution: replace the hall switch and replace the small plate/SCSI line/PCI card/servo board

4, UV flatbed printers garbled
Fault phenomenon: frame do not appear irregular painting
Analysis: inkjet processing data transmission error, the floors of small fault, loose wires or malfunction, optical fiber, PCI card failure, the image processing problems
Solution: arrangement of nozzle can be tested individually for a single nozzle, the nozzle, troubleshooting replacement cable (nozzle) cable, or small plate cable, replace the small plate/fiber/PCI card to RIP, reload the picture

5, UV flatbed printers board did not move
Analysis: the power failure, switch failure put cloth plate, sensor failure, the heavy materials
Solution: tight voltage socket, replace the power cable, replace the switch/infrared sensor/cloth board, manual put support board

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