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Maintenance of UV flatbed machine nozzles and repair of unexpected conditions

1.Routine maintenance steps The first step of routine maintenance: first use cleaning fluid to clean the surface of the UV printer nozzle and the residual ink and dust in the nozzle to prevent the curing ink from filling the nozzle hole when wiping the nozzle after curing, causing blockage. The second step of routine maintenance: […]

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Why choose outdoor advertising in the era of mobile Internet?

In the era of information explosion, more and more advertisements are flooding people’s daily life. In a noisy communication environment, many advertising messages are often skipped by people, and the attention of audiences has gradually become a scarce resource pursued by major advertisers. How people’s perception of a brand can be realized from “seeing”  to […]

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For any business to flourish, marketing is the push required and Promotional Products are the tools that give the required fillip. To grab the attention of your customers and retain it for long, all you have to do is to offer them attractive Promotional Products. DO PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS REALLY WORK? A promotional product is not about […]

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