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How to open a good print shop?

Many people go to work in various companies or factories after graduation. Over time, I accumulated some savings, Some people think about starting their own business. Opening a grocery store, hardware store, or printing shop, etc., is a good way out. But in terms of how much or whether there was any gain, It all […]

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Types of environment-friendly inks

1.energy curing inkEnergy curing ink is the use of UV light or accelerated high-energy electron beam (EB) to polymerize the monomers in the ink into polymers. At present, energy-curable inks mainly include uv inks and EB inks. Compared with ordinary inks, the main advantages of energy-curable inks are: no VOC harmful to the human body […]

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At the beginning of 2019, as Epson opened two launch conferences in China and announced the opening of Epson print heads to the Chinese market, it officially opened the curtain for Epson print heads to enter the Chinese market in an all-round way. For more than two years, the Epson print head has been unanimously […]

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