UV printer daily maintenance 2

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1, UV flatbed printers play fixed place,the printing ink is not normal
Analysis: image processing problems, grating, ink carriage small fault
Inspection methods: change the picture, a change in spraying way, testing different images in different position of printing effect, if the other picture is proved to be the picture processing is normal; If all the images in the ink has the problem, check the grating; If the picture to change,and the problem still exists, check the ink carriage.
Solution: reload the picture RIP processing, clean or change grating, a change in the carriage

2, UV flatbed printers around the carriage unflat
Phenomenon: squirt some clear picture of fuzzy, paragraphs position inkjet positioning accuracy
Analysis: guideway girder without level adjustment
Solution: to adjust the beam

3, Carriage, UV flatbed printer shake while printing,false effect
Analysis: the grating is damaged, 465 drag chain broken,belt card to the clutter
Solution: clean or change grating, 465 belt replacement, cleaning drag chain card slots

4, UV flatbed printers crash
Boot failure phenomenon: the carriage crashed into the right end
Analysis: the hall magnetic susceptibility to locate fault, grating, ink carriage error
Solution: check/replace the hall switch, replace the grating head, replace the carriage

5, UV flatbed printers negative pressure pump loudly
Analysis: loose air pump, filter clogging, pump failure
Solution: screw pump, replacement filters/air pump

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