UV printer daily maintenance 3

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1, UV flatbed printers ink carriage light flash, unable to reset the position
Analysis: loose wiring, ink carriage fault, servo board ,USB cable fault
solution: replug cable, replace the ink carriage/servo board/cable

2, UV flatbed printers can’t accept cloth
Analysis: servo board failure, stepper drive failure
solution: replace the servo board/step

3, UV flatbed printer driver fan does not turn
Analysis: usually is a power problem
solution: replace the power line

4, UV flatbed printers suction adjustment
experience summary: seldom appears the situation of suction fan doesn’t work, if there is, check the power and the strength of the suction shall, according to material thickness and weight to adjust, can neither let material uplift nor as suction too much lead to materials dislocation,

5, UV flatbed printers large images error
Analysis: small ink carriage process cumbersome data error (phenomenon), PCI card processing data error, RIP software failure
solution: replace the ink carriage/PCI card, reinstall Montana

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