UV printer daily maintenance 4

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1, UV flatbed printers can’t control machine after reinstall the software
Failure phenomenon: open software, some control buttons lower limit, can’t control the machine
Analysis: the software version is not corresponding with machine line version
Solution: install the corresponding version control software

2, No ink printed by UV flatbed printer nozzle, spray without flash
Analysis: ink carriage board error, ink carriage fault, failure of cable, optical fiber, PCI card failure
Solution: replace the small carriage board/ink carriage/cable/optical fiber/PCI card

3, UV flatbed printers, four color change three color
Solution: the removal of a group or a nozzle´╝îchange printing images into four color black.

4, UV flatbed printers without negative pressure
Fault phenomenon: the pressure gauge shows zero, nozzle drops of ink
Analysis: pump damage, electromagnetic valve failure, tracheal leak
Solution: replace the pump/solenoid valve/trachea, to adjust the pressure indicator

5, UV flatbed printers ink pressure drops continuously
Analysis: improper pressure regulation
Solution: adjust the negative pressure appropriately

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