UV printer daily maintenance 5

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1, UV flatbed printer with double shadows
Analysis: printhead without calibration
Solution: good recalibrate printhead

2, UV flatbed printers no finish printing
Analysis: software, image processing, the small carriage fault
Solution: reshipment RIP software, reload the picture processing, change the small printhead carriage

3, UV flatbed printers print no inks
Analysis: the failure of PCI CARDS, optical fiber, the floors of small carriage fault
Solution: change the PCI card/fiber/small printhead carriage plate

4, UV flatbed printers have been continuously putting cloth
Analysis: the material is not in probe position, putting cloth plate failure
Solution: material must be replaced on the probe according to the position,change cloth plate

5, UV flatbed printers and ink
Analysis: improper nozzle smudgy, negative pressure, lack of ink
Solution: clean the nozzle, adjust the negative pressure, check the ink bottle and vice cartridges

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