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What industries will usher in outdoor advertising after COVID-19?

At the moment of the epidemic, each industry has been shuffled in advance, and it has also stimulated new opportunities for certain industries, such as the more severely damaged catering, tourism, entertainment, and retail industries… After the epidemic, these industries Public relations and advertising are indispensable marketing channels for how to start the first battle after the epidemic.

So, which companies will accelerate the outdoor advertising and marketing needs of this epidemic?


1. Medical industry

In this epidemic, we have seen a shortage of medical supplies. In addition, the health and hygiene needs of the general public will also break out. After the epidemic, I believe everyone is more concerned about health issues such as their own health and immunity. Therefore, the medical industry will seize this wave of opportunities to promote health and hygiene products through different advertising channels.


So which products in the medical industry specifically cover?


1) Medical protection

As we all know, in the face of ordinary environments, medical masks are rarely used by people, but in the face of this emergency epidemic, masks have become the most expensive luxury.

After the epidemic, more people will wear masks to go out, so the demand for masks will increase accordingly. How to be chosen by more people among the many brand masks? Marketing is the first step. Only through online and offline advertisements, instilling self-protection ideas in customers and showing their product advantages, can they be remembered by customers.


2) Medical platform

During the special period of the epidemic, many medical platforms have opened the function of online free consultation. Helping more people to screen for colds, fevers and new coronary pneumonia fevers not only facilitates ordinary people’s medical treatment, but also relieves the pressure of offline medical treatment.

Therefore, we have reason to believe that the future Internet medical platform will enter thousands of households. Outdoor advertising has an objective carrier and has the prerequisites to reflect true information. The medical platform relies on outdoor media to form a strong brand and visual impact in a certain area and scope, which can effectively shape a good image of the medical platform, and eventually evolve into a brand effect.


3) Medical e-commerce O2O

At present, the current situation in China is that it is difficult for the people to seek medical treatment and buy medicines. In the face of the current market situation, a large number of medical e-commerce platforms have been spawned. They have opened the function of buying drugs online.

There are high industry barriers to online drug purchases, and branding is the first problem to be solved. Through the “community + e-commerce + O2O” emerging business model to drive the integration of the industry chain, thereby achieving a virtuous circle of users, content and traffic, future medical e-commerce O2O will not rule out starting with community media advertising to expand brand influence.


2. Game industry

The epidemic coincided with the small holiday of the Spring Festival. The original lively New Year has become a homelessness, so game products performed well during this period.

Game consumption is also inertial, and the demand for games that has spawned will not subside with the end of the epidemic. From the PC side to the mobile game, the mobile game industry may have a small explosion in 2020. What benefits does the growth of the gaming industry have for outdoor advertising?

On the eve of the 2019 KPL Fall Games, the giant outdoor LED screens of Chengdu Panda Tower and Shanghai Global Harbor were both lit up to cheer for the two protagonists. Fans chanted that KPL has a presence! Whether online or offline, players and fans alike I prefer this kind of publicity, which shows that the game industry is also optimistic about the spread of outdoor advertising!


3. Online videos and members

During the epidemic, why do you stay at home? Chasing drama must be one of the projects. Statistics show that the three major video platforms of iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Douyin Short Video, and the number of paid members such as iQiyi and Youku have increased.

The competition of video sites is so fierce, coupled with the impact of short videos, these online video sites have to find real audiences offline if they want to gain a certain audience.

The popularity of a TV series is inseparable from everyone’s spiritual pursuit. In 2019, iQiyi promoted the dramatic spread of drama information through the flow integration method of “offline subway business circle + online cross-industry cooperation”. On the one hand, iQiyi selected the transfer channel of Beijing Wangjing West Metro Station, where young people gather and has a huge traffic, to place a huge poster, and at the same time, it cooperated with 12 head apps such as “Yue Toutiao” to carry out in-depth placement of open-screen display ads , With the help of the high fuel blessing of subway advertising and the cross-industry cooperation of popular brands, a three-dimensional diffusion matrix with wide coverage and accurate penetration has been created for the drama.


4. Online education

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, schools have been unable to resume classes. Many online education platforms have taken advantage of the Internet and implemented one-to-one lectures. We know that apart from being online, the biggest advantage of these large online education platforms is the gathering of famous teachers. After many students have listened to the lectures of famous teachers, it is difficult to abandon this part of the learning course. Therefore, many people have determined that online education has ushered in another wave of wind.

In the air, online education must also be closely related to offline promotion channels, because online education and offline integration are inevitable trends, so online education platforms must invest in outdoor advertising and make their own brands.


5. Online office software

Students are faced with not being able to resume classes, and employees are also facing not being able to resume work. Under the special circumstances of the epidemic, online office software became popular, and everyone worked from home. Convenient and flexible office methods are gradually being favored by business owners. The ability to handle work anytime and anywhere is bound to trigger a wave in the future.


6. Catering, tourism industry

We’ve been in retreat at home for so long, what do you want to do most? That is to go out for a meal. After all, the buns, steamed buns and cold skin cakes are all done at home. Fresh and delicious food has always been the pursuit of the public.

Although the catering industry is still in a difficult period, the epidemic has not yet ended. The catering industry led by Xibei has initiated shared employees. It can be seen that the new model of the catering industry is still coming, and the catering industry after cooling is bound to usher in a big outbreak, everyone outdoor Is the advertising boss still worried about no orders?

Under the epidemic, many Chinese people have cancelled their plans to travel. The impact on the tourism industry this time is not small. However, if everyone stays for too long, who is unwilling to go far away? According to expert predictions, the epidemic will be Effective control in May coincides with the May Day holiday, the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, and even the Golden Week of November. Catering and tourism start the explosive mode at the same time, and the competition is fierce. At this moment, make plans for outdoor advertising so that people can see you when they go out. The advertising is a good strategy.


Summary: The epidemic is a big test for all walks of life. Facing challenges, every industry has the possibility to escape the crisis. The six major industries analyzed by the internal referee will definitely have the opportunity to bottom out, and the outdoor advertising business owners as intermediary service providers will have more opportunities to profit from the outlet. However, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. As an outdoor advertising business owner, you should take advantage of the idle period during the epidemic to sort out your own business landscape, maintain old customers in terms of caring for customers and thinking from the perspective of customers, and develop new products. Make efforts to build a foundation for expanding new customers. I believe that after the epidemic, the outdoor advertising industry will also usher in a wave of launch!