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Wide Format Printing in China

Digital wide-format printing is a printing medium, largely used for advertising, which has grown quickly in popularity worldwide. The purpose of wide format printing lies largely in supporting the largest print roll width possible. This allows for a larger area for designers, graphic artists, and advertisers to work with, allowing them to think in larger formats, producing bigger and bolder works for commercial and other uses.


Large format or wide format digital printing is often used to produce banners, billboards, wallpapers, murals, wall decals, posters, skins for large objects like cars, and many other projects. Digital wide-format printing allows for more visually engaging graphics and is ideal for graphic-heavy or visual-heavy designs. This is particularly effective when used for advertising, but can also be used in a variety of other artistic and decorative contexts.


Because the printing process itself is computer-controlled, digital wide format printing generally works best with computer-modeled or digital images. Digital wide-format printing allows you to fully translate digital and computer-generated or augmented images into printed material without loss of readability or texture.


This type of printing is generally the best method to use to create high-quality banners, skins, and billboards for advertising or decorative purposes.


Shanghai WER-China Industry Co., Ltd can supply the high-quality large format printers in different sizes: 5ft, 6ft, and 10ft for choices, for indoor and outdoor printing, please contact our sales to get the best price and more details.